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Raised in a family full of musicians, music is a natural calling for Salt Lake City based artist Angie Petty. Taking influence from artists like Amy Winehouse, India Arie and Moonchild, Angie's unique sound sparkles in a pop/jazz world with a smoothness that will leave you wanting more. 


Packed with an arsenal full of tools, Petty is hands on when it comes to producing, arranging, writing, performing and recording her music. These many talents have lended opportunities in sharing stages with the likes of Grammy Award Winning artists Jon BatisteMelvin JonesPhilip Lassiter and Elliot Yamin


In 2021, she released her debut album “Timing,” landing her song “Love Letter” on multiple Spotify editorial placements. Angie's mission is to share her life experiences through simple yet vulnerable lyrics to remind people they are never alone. In addition to releasing her debut album in 2021, Angie began playing electric guitar. She bought a Fender Telecaster (which she named Ocean) and has been gaining recognition for her cover videos on her Youtube Channel.

A hidden gem in the making, Angie Petty is a rising star to watch, with her second studio album and tour dates coming in 2024.

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